About the series "Mathematics in history"


General idea of the series - "New empirico-statistical methods for dating of events and documents in ancient and medieval history".

The series is devoted to the new scientific field - application of mathematical methods for analysis of data in ancient and medieval history from the point of view of their chronology.

Many scientific papers are published in this subject in Russian and English (see the list below). In Russian are also published eight books devoted to this problem and two another books in English (by CRC-Press and by Kluwer Academic Publishers).

Three main authors of the series - Prof. A.T.Fomenko, Prof. V.V.Kalashnikov and Prof. G.V.Nosovski.

Audience: Mathematicians, statisticians, historians, astronomers, archaeologists, and many others with an interest in the integrity of the statistical and mathematical tools with historical data.

Some english scientific publications
of Fomenko and coathors
devoted to statistical methods
in chronology problem

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