Anatoliy T. Fomenko


Prof. A.T. Fomenko (born 1945), Dr. Sci. (Phys. and Math.), Moscow State University, Head of the Chair of Differential Geometry and Applications in Moscow State University, Dept. of Math. and Mech.

He is a distinguished mathematician and well-known specialist in the field of geometry, symplectic topology, Hamiltonian mechanics, calculus of variations, computer geometry and algorithmical problems in pattern recognition.

He is a winner of the State Award of Russia (1996) (in mathematics), Award of the Moscow Mathematical Society (1974), winner of the Award of the Presidium of USSR Acad. of Sci. (1987). He obtained fundamental results in the theory of minimal surfaces and solved the multidimensional Plateau's problem (the existence of globally minimal surface in each spectral bordisms class). He created a new theory of rough and fine topological classification of integrable Hamiltonian systems (of differential equations). This theory was applied to the important problem of classification of isoenergy surfaces for integrable dynamical systems arising in celestial mechanics field and in the theory of the motion of the rigid body. Fomenko with his pupils obtained the topological classification of concrete integrable systems in mathematical physics and theoretical mechanics.

He developed a new empirico-statistical methods for historical texts (e.g. chronicles) analysis.

Among the well-known books written by A.T.Fomenko are:

  1. "Modern Geometry" (together with S.P. Novikov and B.A.Dubrovin) (Springer),
  2. "Variational Methods in Topology" (Reidel),
  3. "Differential Geometry and Topology" (Plenum),
  4. "Variational Topological Problems" (Gordon and Breach),
  5. "Homotopic Topology" (together with D.B.Fuchs and V.L. Gutenmacher), Moscow,
  6. "Symplectic Geometry. Methods and Applications" (Gordon and Breach),
  7. "Basic Elements of Differential Geometry and Topology"(together with S.P.Novikov) (Kluwer),
  8. "Course of Homotopic Topology" (together with D.B. Fuchs),
  9. "Minimal Surfaces and Plateau's Problem" (together with Dao Chong Thi) (American Math.Soc.),
  10. "Integrability and Non-Integrability in Geometry and Mechanics" (Kluwer).
  11. "Visual Geometry and Topology" (Springer).

    The following books were published originally in English:

  12. "Plateau's Problem", vols 1,2 (Gordon and Breach),
  13. "Integrable Systems on Lie Algebras and Symmetric Spaces" (together with V.V.Trofimov), (Gordon and Breach),
  14. "Mathematical Impressions" (American Math. Soc.).

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