Prof. V.V. Kalashnikov


Prof. V.V. Kalashnikov (born 1942), Dr. Sci. (Phys. and Math.), Institute for Systems Studies and Moscow Physics- Technical Institute. He is a distinguished mathematician in applied probability theory, mathematical system theory, simulation. He was awarded State Prize (1986) for research in modeling an simulation field.

He received fundamental results in probability theory, queuing and reliability, complex systems theory. He suggested a new method (trial function method) for studying such properties of Markov processes as stability, convergence rate, passage-times, regularity and boundedness. It implied prominent results in queuing and reliability theories leading to new criteria and quantitative estimates. In recent works he developed coupling method and probability metric approach. These approaches permitted to receive new effective estimates in limit theorems, renewal theory, theory of regenerative processes, in reliability and stability of queues, in characterization of queues.

Another field of his interests is a construction of general-purpose simulation system and organizing of simulation experiments. He suggested a new formalization for stochastic complex systems and some simulation experiments having solid mathematical base (earlier such experiments were impossible at all). He also suggested some empirico-statistical methods for narrative texts analysis.

Among well-known books written by Prof. V.V. Kalashnikov are: "Lectures on Complex Systems Theory" (together with N.P. Buslenko and I.N. Kovalenko), "Qualitative Analysis of Complex Systems Behaviour by Trial Functions Method", "Mathematical Methods for Construction of Stochastic Queueing Systems" (together with S.T. Rachev), "Technology of System Modeling and Simulation" (together with co-authors), "Semi-Markov Processes" (together with co-authors), "Reliability of Technical Systems" (together with co-authors), "Handbook on Queueing Theory" (together with co-authors). These books were published or translated in different countries. Besides he wrote several popular books on the mentioned topics.

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