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Head of the Laboratory

Valeriy D. Chukhlomin - Ph. D in Economics, associate professor


Y. Antonov - Ph. D in Economics, associate professor

General information

Laboratory was founded in 1985. Its purpose is to solve the problems of complex social economic development of the City of Omsk and Omsk Region. The laboratory performed several research projects focused on the regional strategy of the economic reform. Since 1997 it has been jointly subordinated to OmSU and IEIE RAS.

Current Specialization: analysis of the customer market of Omsk; business planning; regional development.

Address:Omsk Economic Laboratory,
 644099, Omsk-99, ul. Krasniy Put`, d.20 , komn. 24
Phone:(3812) 243344, 242935, 243439

For more information of this division contact with Chairman Valeriy D. Chukhlomin.

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