Valeriy Dmitrievich Chukhlomin
Ph. D in Economics
Head of the IBS of OmSU, Russia

Born: October 24, 1959.


1977-82 Novosibirsk State University; MS in Mathematical Economics, Major in Econometrics
1982-86 Novosibirsk State University; Postgraduate Studies in Political Economy
1986 USSR Academy of Science Siberian Branch, Novosibirsk Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering; Ph. D. Thesis on Technology Transfer in Western Economies


1985-86 Novosibirsk State University; The Department of Economics: Lecturer (part-time)
1986-91 Omsk Railway Engineers Institute, The Department of Economics; Assistant Professor, Associate Professor (full-time)
1991-93 Omsk State University, The Department of Economics: Associate Professor (part-time)
1993-recent Omsk State University, The International Business School: Associate Professor (part-time)

 Main Areas of Expertise (teaching):

Introductory,Economics,Microeconomics, Economic Growth and Development, History of Thought

 Research experience:

1982-85 Novosibirsk State University; Researcher(part-time)
1986-94,1998-Recent Omsk Laboratory of Novosibirsk Institute of Economics; Researcher, Senior Researcher(part-time)
1991-98 Omsk State University; Vice-rector on Business and International Affairs (supervising budgeting, fee charging, off-budget student enrollment, adult education, pre-enrollment department, advising center, marketing, foreing relations, off-shore enrollment)
1992-Recent Omsk State University; Head of The Innovation and Business Studies Division(now renamed as Economics & Marketing)
1999-Recent Omsk State University; Head of The International Business School(Dean)

 Main Areas of Interest:



1982 The Russian Federation Ministry for Higher Education Annual Graduate Student Award Winner
1985 The Novosibirsk Institute of Economics Young Researcher's Third Prize Winner
1992 George Soros Foundation Grant Winner
1993 The Russian Committee for Higher Education program "The Universities of Russia" Grant Winner


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