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Head of the Division
Chukhlomin Valery Dmitrievich - Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor, the Head of the Department


  * Yuriy Borisovich Antonov - Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor
  * Dmitry Anatoljevich Artamonov - Senior instructor
  * Irina Petrovna Gerashenko - Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor
  * A.V. Dadyk - Senior instructor
  * Yepanchintseva Albina Petrovna - Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor
  * N.I. Zelenskaya - Senior instructor
  * Irina Gennadjevna Knyazeva - Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor
  * Petr Alexandrovich Orehovsky - Doctor of Economic Science, full professor
  * Anna Alexandrovna Petrunina - Instructor
  * N.P. Rebrova - Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor
  * Olga Petrovna Fedorovyh - Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor


The former Branch of Innovation and Business Studies was founded in October 1992. It got it's current name in October 1998 after it was transferred to the Department of International Business. Scientific directions: marketing research, the theory of developing the urbanized territories, evolutionary economics. The students receive graduate diploma in "Marketing" and "Commerce". There are three specialized laboratories within the department: IT Laboratory, Marketing Research Center, and Omsk Economic Laboratory of the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of Russian Academy of Science.

Address:Chair of Economics and Marketing,
 Department of International Business,
 Omsk State University,
 644077 Omsk, RUSSIA
Phone:(3812) 66-36-20
Fax:(3812) 64-27-38

For more information of this division contact with Chairman Valery D. Chukhlomin.

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