The chair of organic chemistry

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The address:
Russia, Omsk, pr. Mira 55-
Omsk state university
Chemical faculty
The chair of organic chemistry
phone: (3812)642447

Information about chair

     The chair of organic chemistry was open at the natural department of Omsk State University in 1975. The first head of the chair was doctor of chemical sciences, professor Atavin Alexander Spiridonovich arrived from Irkutsk. Professor Sagitullin Reva Safarovich, doctor of chemical sciences, has been the head of the chair of organic chemistry since 1981.
      The main direction of scientific researches of the chair is the investigations of synthetic possibilities of a new rearrangement which results in the full reconstruction of the heteroaromatic ring and formation of another heterocycle or carbocycle.
This reaction was discovered by Sagitullin R. S. in common with professor Kost A. N. and post-graduate student Gromov S. P. at the chemical faculty of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov.(Discovery N 205 "The phenomenon of isomerisation recyclization of nitrogen-containing heteroaromatic compounds", 1978)
The head of the chair of organic chemistry professor Sagitullin R. S. and professor Kost A. N. (post mortal) were awarded A. M. Butlerov Prize by The Presidium of Academy of Sciences of USSR for a number of works "New rearrangements of nitrogen-containing heteroaromatic compounds". This Prize is awarded by The Academy of Sciences for the best work in the field of organic chemistry once per three years.
This reaction is cited in the scientific literature as "Kost-Sagitullin rearrangement"
New synthetic approaches to the compounds wich can't be obtain by the other methods are developed now on the basis of this new reaction.
The other direction of the scientific research of the chair is the synthesis of nirtogen-containing heterocycles from 1,3-bifunctional predecessors and investigation of the opportunities of using of N-(3-oxoalkyl)amides and 1,3-halogenoisothiocyanates for the synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles. The development of diastereoselective methods for the synthesis of N-(3-oxoalkyl)amides. This researches is carrying out by the supervision of cand. chem. sci., associate professor Fissyuk A. S.


Staff of the chair:

Reva S. Sagitullin. - the head of the chair, full professor, doctor of chemical sciences,
corresponding member of Russian Academy of natural sciences;
Eugene G. Atavin - associate professor, candidate of chemical sciences;
Valeriy V. Dubitskiy - associate professor, candidate of chemical sciences;
Alexander S. Fyssiuk - associate professor, candidate of chemical sciences;
LarisaV. Glizdinskaya - university lecturer;
Galina P. Shkil - assistant
Nikolay V. Poendaev - assistant;
Marina A. Vorontsova - senior research scientist, candidate of chemical sciences;
Taisiya M. Baronina - the head of the lab
Viktor B. Belyaev - senior laboratory assistant
Marina V. Popova - senior laboratory assistant
Vladimir O. Tikhonenko - the post-graduate student;
Mariya V. Frolova - the post-graduate student.