Larisa V. Glizdinskaya

Brief information about service and scientific career:

1990 - graduated from the chemical faculty of Omsk State University with honours degree.
L. V. Glizdinskaya has worked at the chair of organic chemistry since 1992.
1997 - university lecturer.

Scientific interests:

Synthesis and research nitrogen-containing heteroaromatic compounds.

Select publications:

1. G. P. Shkil, L. V. Berdovich (Glizdinskaya), V. Lusis,
D. Muceniece, R. S. Sagitullin,Recyclization of asymmetrical
Hantzch pyridinium salts, Chem. Hetrocycl. Comp., 1995, 1, p. 86-89.

2. Fissyuk A. S.,Berdovich (Glizdinskaya) L. V., Temnikov D. V,
Knyazkova L. N., N,3-Oxoalkylamides and -thioamides in the
synthesis of heterocyclic compounds. I. Synthesis and reactions of
1,1-diethoxy--isothiocyanatobutane// Chem. Heterocycl. Comp.-
- 1997. - 7. - p. 921-927.

Russia, Omsk, pr. Mira 55-
Omsk state university
Chemical department
The chair of organic chemistry
University lecturer
Larisa V. Glizdinskaya