Eugene G. Atavin

Brief information about service and scientific career:

1976 - graduated from the chemical faculty of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov.
1976 - 1979 - post-graduate student of the chair of physical chemistry of Moscow State University.
1979 - Candidate of chemical sciences (Ph. D. in chemistry).The theme of candidate thesis was "Electronographic study of the geometric structure of some carboranes".
Eugene G. Atavin has worked in the chair of organic chemistry of Omsk State University since 1980.He had the positions as head of laboratory, assistant, university lecturer.
1987 - associate professor of the chair of organic chemistry.
1999 - post-doctoral fellow of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov.

Scientific interests:

3D-structure of free molecules and methods of its study.

Selected publications:

1. Mastrjukov V. S., Atavin E. G., Golubinskiy A. V.,Vilkov L. V., Sivin B., Sivin S., Electronographic study
of the stricture of silacyclopentane molecule,
Zhourn. Struct. Khim.,1979, V.20, N 4, p. 726-728.

2. V.S.Mastryukov, E.G.Atavin, L.V.Vilkov, A.V.Golubinskii, V.N.Kalinin, G.G.Zhigareva, L.I.Zakharkin,
††The molecular structure of p-phospha- and p-arsacarboranes 1,12-—Õ’¬
10Õ10 ( ’=–,ņs ) by gas electron ††diffraction.††J.of Molecular structure 1979,v.56,N 1, p.139-142

3. E.G.Atavin, V.S.Mastryukov, A.V.Golubinskii, L.V.Vilkov
††The molecular structure of 1,10-dicarba-closo-decaborane(10), 1,10-C
2B8H10 by Gas-Phase Electron Diffraction.††J.of Molecular structure, 1980,v.65,N 1, p.259-269

4. V.S.Mastryukov, E.G.Atavin, N.L.Allinger, A.Almeningen, R.Seip
††Molecular structure of cyclododecane, C
12H24,as determind by electron diffraction and molecular mechanics.
J.of Molecular structure 212(1989) 87-95

5. Atavin E.G.. Calculation of Cartesian coordinates of atoms in molecules,
Zhourn. Obsch. Khim., 1999, 69, 8, p. 1233-1237.

Some information about myself:

††I was born in Sverdlovsk in 11.02.1954, lived in Murmansk, Nalchik, Kuznetsk, Chelyabinsk.
I have finished music school. Yachting sport was one of my hobbies. I have entered to the chemical faculty of Moscow State University in 1971.
I have participated in the movement of the student's building brigades (Kazakhstan, Ryazan, Archangelsk, Omsk) during 11 years.

Russia, Omsk, pr. Mira 55-ŗ
Omsk State University
Chemical faculty
The chair of organic chemistry
Ph.D. in Chemistry, docent,
associate professor

Eugene G. Atavin