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Theory of Time Machine
SuperFast InterSteller Ship

This page presents the theory of Time machine and superfast intersteller ship. The principle of work of these two apparatuses is the same and we shall call its the T-ships. For start of T-ship our space-time must be rolled up as spring. Then the point of space-time in Past or Future that we need will be nearly from us and we can construct a four-dimensional wormhole which will connect two points of space-time. T-ship will fly through this wormhole to his aim. Such transfer in space can be called topological one. The T-ship is dissolved in space. If you wish to see start of T-ship then click below

Here we give (sorry, in Russian) two popular articles about T-ships (if you don't read in russian then many pictures can show the principle of work of T-ship)

  Time machine

Superfast intersteller ship

The scientific articles require the special knowledges from you:

Time machine as four-dimensional wormhole

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Theory of Time machine
(Russian, Latex,

Time machine as result of rolling up of space-time into spring
(Russian, Latex,


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