Division of the Mathematical Modelling

Main Research Areas

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    Mathematical Modeling and Simulation:

  1. Modeling and Simulation of Ethnic and Social Processes
    - A.K.Guts
  2. Methods of realization of social monitoring
    - A.K.Guts, R.T. Faizullin
  3. Simulation of frontal teeth
    - A.K. Guts

Aerodynamics and Electrohydrodynamics

  1. Unsteady Aerodynamics in Cascades of Turbomachines
    - R.T. Faizullin

Mathematical Theory of Space-Time:

  1. Time Machine
    - A.K.Guts
  2. Chronogeometry and Foundations of Theory of Relativity
    - A.K.Guts


  1. Lorentz Geometry
    - A.N.Romanov

Theory of Optimisation:

  1. Discrete Optimisation
    - R.Yu.Simanchev

Teaching of Mathematics:

  1. Methods of mathematics teaching
    - E.I.Fedorova, A.K.Guts, R.Yu.Simanchev


Chair of the Mathematical Modelling
Department of Mathematics
Omsk State University,
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA