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Head of the Division
        Vitaly A.Roman'kov - D.Sci.in Mathematics & Physics, Ph.D., full professor

  * Sergey A.Agalakov - Ph.D. in Matematics & Physics, docent
  * Nataly S.Bachta - Senior instructor
  * Igor V.Chirkov - Senior instructor

Part-time Faculty

  * Olga L.Epanchinceva - Senior instructor
  * Elena A.Kostushina - Assistant

Lecture's courses of our Division

  *Linear algebra and mathematical programming
  *Operational research and games theory
  *Probability and mathematical statistics
  *Bases of dates
  *Informational defence: crypthology and coding theory

Scientific interests

  *Group theory: automorphism groups, solvable groups, profinite groups, algorithmic questions.
  *Ring theory: Lie algebras,algorithmic questions, resudability, automorphism groups.

History of the Division

     The Chair was founded in 1996. There are seven teachers. One of them is a Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, full professor, and two are Candidates of Science in Physics and Mathematics, docents.
     The teaching activities are connected mainly with Branches of Commercy and Psyhology.

Address:Chair of Information Systems,
 Department of Mathematics,
 Omsk State University,
 644077 Omsk, RUSSIA

For more information of this division contact with Chairman Vitaly A.Roman'kov.

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