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Head of the Division
Douss, Yuriy Petrovich - Ph. D. in History, associate professor


  * Belokoskova, Yelena Evgenievna - Ph. D. in History, associate professor
  * Kalganova, Larisa Alekseevna - Ph. D. in Economics, associate professor
  * Chuhlomina, Irina Victorovna - Ph. D. in Economics, associate professor


The Chair was founded in October 1998 as a part of the Department of International Business. The specialization of the chair is: International Economics, International Business, International Trade, International Relations. The students receive graduate diploma in "International Economics". There is a Center of Professional Orientation associated with the chair.

Address:Chair of International Economic Relations,
 Department of International Business,
 Omsk State University,
 644077 Omsk, RUSSIA
Phone:(3812) 66-36-20
Fax:(3812) 64-27-38

For more information of this division contact with Chairman Douss Yuriy Petrovich.

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