Project Description

The Simulation is a new area in science which appear on border of ages. The social scientists select the models of artificial society from a lot of simulation models. These models demonstrate the modern views about real society. To construct the mathematical models is a process of theory formalization. The formalization technology allows to analyse the sociological theories. It help to show the discrepancies and omissions of the theory. This project realization is the actual problem in social science.

The project proposition is a system analysis of society evolution. The socium may be represented the hierarchical structure with following levels: biosphere, ethnosphere, sociosphere, psychosphere, anthroposphere.

The study of these levels is based on building mathematical and computer models of artificial society. We realize the simulation of mathematical models by means of visualization tools. The simulation results are presented the graphs, diagrams, tables and animations. We introduce the following types of model: dynamic, field, statistical and stochastic. These models describe the social systems evolution.

Copyright © Victor V. Korobitsin & Julia V. Frolova, 2001.