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    Division of the algebra.
History of Division of the algebra(concise exposition)
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A corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of USSR M.I.Kargapolov was the first who had an idea to orginize new universites in Siberia. He managed the chair of algebra and logic at Novosibirsk State University that time ( early in 7-th decade) . This idea had been supported by scientists of Siberia depatment of Academy of Sciences and by Omsk, Tyumen, Altay regions heads.
In the same years young but very strong mathematicians were finishing post-gra duate courses of Novosibirsk State University. Many of them became the first teachers at the mathematical faculty. G.P.Kukin, M.V.Horoshevskiy were the first algebraists at the Omsk State University. V.A. Romankov soon joined them. Then G.A. Grishkov came to work there.In 1978 the academic institute of mathematical type was orginized inOmsk. So V.N.Remeslennikov started to work at the chair of algebra. He was a Doctor and professor than bat the best works he wrote in Omsk,of course.
Quite young mathematicians came together with him. They are A.G.Myasnikov, A.V.Borovik, A.R.Krasnikov.A simple list of the names makes specialists respeet high scientific potencial of the chair.Many of its graduates are Masters of Science who work at the institutes of Omsk. They are O.V.Goteluk, V.G.Shantarenko, V.I.Epanchincev and other.
Talanted young people are sure to continue the good tradition of the chair.It started training of post-graduates S.A.Agalakov, A.G.Pshnichniy, G.A.Kryagovskih,A.S.Shtern were the first who defended their thesises of algebra.
The series of young talanted mathematicians followed them. A.N.Zubkov was the first graduate from mathematical faculty of the Omsk State University who defended his thesis. This time the chair is a foundation of Counsil of defence of Master'sthesises of algebra and logic. It's "Algebraic seminar" celebrated its fivehundredth conference a long time ago. Working at the chair of algebra many teachers take a good school as organizers. And now 5 from 8 chairs of mathematical faculty are managed by former teachers of the chair of algebra.

Address:Chair of the Algebra,
 Department of Mathematics,
 Omsk State University,
 644077 Omsk, RUSSIA

For more information of this division contact with Chairman Georgiy P. Kukin.

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