Anatoliy P. Tolochko
Doctor of Science, Ph.D. in History, professor


curriculum vitae

Anatoliy P. Tolochko

Division of the Russian History before XX century,

Omsk State University,

644077 Omsk, RUSSIA.

Tel. (3812) 66 42 44

Honorary posts:

The member of board of Department of culture and art of city of Omsk

The vice-president of an interbranch commission on development of archival business of Omsk

  The member of Scientific Advice of historical faculty of Omsk state university

  Member of Advice on judgment of a scientific degree of the doctor of historical sciences in Omsk state technical university.

The member of Advice judgment of a scientific degree of the candidate of historical sciences in Omsk state pedagogical university

Area of scientific interests: History of Russia XIX-XX of centuries

Main problematics of researches: History of public movements and political consignments in Siberia of a beginning XX centuries, history of urban self-management in Siberia in an extremity the XIX-beginning XX centuries.

Scientific contacts: Institute of the Russian history, problem laboratory of a history and ethnography of Siberia of Tomsk state university, faculty of a history of Russia of the Kemerovo university, Academy of Humanitarian sciences (ST.-PETERSBURG).