Anatoliy V. Remnev

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Born 30.06.1955 in village Strokino of Omsk area in family of the employees.

A.V.Remnev graduated from the historical faculty of Leningrad University in 1982.

He had been a post-graduate of faculty of  history since 1983 to 1986.

A.V.Remnev defended his Ph.D.'s dissertation at Leningrad State University in 1986. The subject of his dissertation was "Committee of the ministers in a system of maximum official bodies of imperial Russia (1860-1906 ) " (Scientific advisor the academician Anan'ich).

A.V.Remnev defended his D.Sci.' dissertation at St.-Petersburg in 1997. The subject of his dissertation was
"Administrative policy of autocracy in Siberia in the XIX-beginning XX centuries ".

A.V.Remnev has been working  in Omsk State University science since 1986.

In a 1991 Remnev has become the associate professor.

In a 1997 Remnev has become the pro-rector of Omsk state university on scientific work.

In a 1997 Remnev has become the corresponding member of Public Academy of Humanitarian sciences and member of Russian Geographical company.

In a 1999 Remnev has become the academicians of public Academy of Humanitarian sciences.