Filatov Vladimir Isidorovich
The head of the Division of Philosophy of Omsk State University

Some information about me:
  • I'm docent on the Philosophical Department (post-doctoral at Leningrad State University 1988)
  • My degree is Ph.D. in Philosophy, docent.
  • I finished Ural State University, Philosophical Faculty, 1979
  • The field of science me to work is the theory of knowledge (epistemology), anthropology philosophy, politics philosophy.
  • Also I have some hobbies such as:
    • study in epic poems of word national folklore; Russian classical literature, especially L.N.Tolstoi and F.M.Dostoevsky;
    • western philosophical novel of the XXth century; Russian portrait; playing chess (1st grade), hockey, biathlon;
    • involved in politics; communist
    Main publications:

    address: Vladimir I. Filatov
    Chair of Philosophy
    Omsk State University,
    644077 Omsk, RUSSIA

    Author: Filatov Vladimir Isidorovich.
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