Leningrad Geometric School
Ленинградская геометрическая школа

The Alexandrov's Pupils

August 4, 1912 - July 27, 1999

All pupils of A.D.Alexandrov which had the scientific degrees Doctor of Science and Ph.D. are given on the following picture

Leningrad and Interior geometry of convex surfaces

Alexandrod constructs the interior and geometry of convex surfaces and and the theory of manifolds of bounded curvature (in the sense of A.D.Alexandrov, or the Alexandrov spaces) in his Leningrad life period. The Leningrad's pupils are given on the photo below

Photo:  A.D. Alexandov and his students. 1985

Yu.F. Borisov, A.L. Verner, V.A.Zalgaller, E.P,Sen'kin, A.D. Alexandov, D.Sh.Yusupov, Yu.G. Reshetnyk, I.Ya.Balel'man,
Yu.E.Borovsky, L.S.Pogodina
(from left to right)

Novosibirsk and Chronogeometry

A.D. Alexanrov arrived in Novosibirsk in 1964. Here he began to investigate the mathematical theory of space-time. A new research area was created, called Chronogeometry. A.D. Alexandrov and his students (see a photo below) got many interesting results. There was a special seminar "Chronogeometry"(Russian, koi-8).

Photo:  A.D. Alexandov and his students. 1985

S.N. Astrakov, A.V. Levichev, Yu.F. Borisov, A.D. Alexandov, V. Prostovilin, I. Kungurova,
A.V. Shaidenko, A.V. Kuz'minikh, A.K. Guts, I. Mazmanidi
(from left to right)

The Alexandrov's Photos

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