KOLCHAK A. V. (4 (16). 11.1874, St.Petersburg, - 7.2.1920, Irkutsk) - one from the chiefs russian counter-revolution, admiral (1917). Was born in family the marine officer - artillery-man. Has ended Mariner kadet's tank (1894). In time Russia-Japanese war 1904-1905 comanded by a destroyer and batterny in Port -Artur. The participant of polar expeditions 1900-1903 and 1908-1911 (hydrobroad gullies).In 1906-1909 and 1911-1914 was in Mariner General headquarters. Participat in 1-st world war 1914-1918 in posts of the chief of an operating department of the Baltic fleet commander mine division and since July 1916- commander Black Sea fleet.After February revolution 1917 has taken sharply conter-revolution an item and under by pressure of sailor's masses was withdrawn by Temporary government in Petrograd. Was is sent to business trip in Great Britain and USA. In October 1918 with English by the general A. Noks has arrived in Omsk and as November 4 was appointed by the military and marine minister of the "Siberian government". November 18 1918 for want of to support the white guards officers and intevents has made revolution and has placed military dictatorship, by accepting a title of the "supreme governor of the russian state" and rank of supreme the commander -in -chief (till January 4 1920). After rout the white guards army run from Omsk in Irkutsk, where on December 27 1919 was taken under protection Czechoslovak army. To January 15 1920 on demand of the workers is given to Menshevist Politcentr's, and then is handed to Bolshevist Revkom's. After a corollary on the sentence Revkom he was executions.

"Omsk Government"

(1918 - 1919)

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  1. V.N. Pepelyaev. Since 23.11.1919 . the chairman of ministerial Council.
  2. P.V. Vologodsky (1863 - 1928) first prime minister .
  3. G.B. Patushevsky - minister of the justice.
  4. A.N. Guttenberg - minister of Internal Affairs.
  5. G.K. Geens - manager by businesses of government.
  6. P.P. Gudkov - minister of trade and industry.
  7. G.M. Stepanenko - manager by the ministry of means of communication.
  8. N.S. Zefirov - minister of the foodstuffs.
  9. N.I. Serebrennikov - minister of supply.
  10. N.I. Petrov - minister of agriculture.
  11. L.I. Shumilovsky - minister of a transactions.
  12. I.A. Mihailov - minister of the finance.
  13. V.V. Sapojnikov - minister of education.


The members of extreme corollarylys


on business to Kolchak


The members of extreme corollarylys commissions on business to admiral Kolchak: K.A. Popov, V. P. Denike, G.G. Lukyanchikov, N.A. Alexievsky, and so S.Chudnovsky (extreme on the right) and V. Bukaty (extreme on the left).