Department of Area Studies

Department of Area Studies, a specialization on the faculty of History at Omsk State University, prepares specialists of foreign affairs.

The main criterions of estimation on this specialization are professional skills and personal interest in solving the international problems. The students study different disciplines, for example: law, economical, historical and cultural aspects of life of different nations. They can gain a greater ability to analyze facts, assess values reason logically, communicate clearly and reach reasoned and ethical conclusions. In short, these can enhance a student' sense of history and understanding of the dynamics of social change. Students try to take steps to settle world conflicts and restore place in troubled areas in their works, strictly observe the principle of sovereign equality and territorial integrity of states as well as those of equal rights. It is an obligatory for the students to study several foreign languages.

On the whole, our university maintains professional contacts with Wolver Hampton University (Great Britain), the University of Man (the U.S.A.) and Southern Cross University (Australia).

Academic life in the University is full and varied. Students attend lectures given by professors and lecturers, have seminars and work on their own in university's libraries and laboratories. The university also possesses its own publishing facilities. It has its own newspaper, which gives insights into different aspects of the University life. There are also theater and drama groups, chess and debating clubs: Spanish, English.

As for our department, it aims to offer quality Higher Education services in order to meet the needs of individuals, organizations, businesses and community at regional and national levels.