Some words about myself

My Photo Hello! My name is Olesya Shevchenko. I was born on 18 August 1980 in Omsk, an industrial centre of Siberia. Since 5 years old I have been studing English and I am still interested in it. In 1994-1996 I had graduated curses of English.

Now at the Omsk State University I study not just this language, but also Spanish and Turkish. I regularly have communications with native speakers Northern America, Spain, Britain, Mexico and have experience working with business people from Spain.

My sphere of interests is wider, it includes law and economical problems and cultural aspects. By the way, I am working on the project of the Information centre in Omsk.

I am also a person of a good humour and I have different hobbies, which allow me to rechange my batteries to be able to get down to my work again, for example playing billiards, going to discos.

More over, I love to paint, to collect canvases of different artists and to swim. It helps to take my mind of the fuss routine, troubles or problems of everyday life. Some hobbies make my life more interesting. For example, parachute jumping, diving and shooting, but it takes extra time from me and I can not afford them too often.