Not glad to see you, but anyway


My name is Denis, I'm 21 ( I think you'll go without my face ). I don't want my past to be discribed thoroughly, as soon as except for delightful idleness, alternating with periodic flares of struggle for good progress at school there is nothing to recol lered on mathematical faculty of Omsk state university without any enthusiasm, however with the beginning of study all has changed. It appeared, that mathematics (in particular algebra) - is extremely entertaining thing and I am grateful to V.A.Romankov for wakening my interest to it, and to V.N.Remeslennikov - my scientific chief - for maintenance of this interest on a high level.

Now I'm a fifth year student and further I am going to be engaged in a science.

My scientific interests:

My time is devoured basically by following things

(in decreasing order of importance):

With all items, I think, all is clear ( or on the contrary everything is unclear ). It is necessary to talk about music more in detail. I try to listen various music, but especially watch for:

At last I'll give some references I like, maybe you'll take advantage there ( though hardly ):
The references without the explanatory means various universities.

That's all. I bring apologies for the poverty of this page - it's been made hastily.
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