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I am a post-graduate at the Chair of mathematical modelling. I specialize in methods of teaching mathematics.

The topic of my work deals with teaching of mathematical modelling pupiles of senior forms. Now, there are classes at high schools of different special orientations. We have techical, physico-mathematical, economical classes and classes of humanities. Therefore, qualitified mathematical preparation of the pupils is important. This training must contain an idea of possible application of mathematics in different fields of human activities. At present, in the course of school mathematics the attention is directed to the application of it only in physics and engineering. But the connection of mathematics with social sciences has not been examined, yet. For example, not many pupils studying in humanities and mathematecal classes are aware of applying mathematics in history and literature or economics and ecology. I tried to give a complex block of lessons on history, mathematics and informatics at school and at the university.

I used the key idea of the theory by a well-known russian historian Lev N. Gumilev, of the role of passion in the process of ethnogenesis. I also use an appropriate programme packet with the help of which it is possible to make the model of ethnogenesis.

In 1994, I took part in the conference "Innovation process in educational institutions" and one of my articles on the problem concerned has already been published in the "Proceedings" of this conference.

My publications

(in Russian, koi-8)

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Dept. of Mathematics
Omsk State University
644077 Omsk