(Russian version)

I was born on the 5 of july, 1976 at Omsk. In 1993 I finished the physico-mathematical school number 64. Now I'm a five-year student of Mathematical department of Omsk State University. The area of my scientific interests is Algebra and groups. The themes of my course papers were "The automorfism undergroups Abelev's groups" and "The equation about nilpotent's group". My scientific advisor is prof. Romankov V. A., the Doctor of Mathematics, The Division of Information Sistems .

I like reading books of russian and foreign writers. My favourite authors are Leo Tolstoy, Fedor Dostoevskii, Alexander Pushkin, Arkadii and Boris Strugatskii, Agatha Christie, Clifford Simak and others.

Also, I like to politic, sport (russion war art).


My address: Alexander Vladimirovich Nechaykin, Mathematical Department, Omsk State University, 644077 pr. Mira 55-a, Omsk, Russia.