Lachin's home page

Hello, everybody! Let me introduce me myself. My name is Lachin Dmitry. I'm 21 years old. I'm a student of the Omsk State University. I learn mathimatics. My area is Generalized Riemann Geometry. I'm on the fifth course. My scientific adviser is Berestovskii Valera Nikolaevich.

Now something about my family. I have brother and sister. They are three years younger than me. They learn in the Omsk State University too. My sister learns phisics and brother learns law.

About my hobbies. I like reading. My favorite writers are Chehov, Hemingway (most of all I like "A Farewell To Arms"), Jack London. Also I like fantastic, but only first-class fantastic. First-class fantastic writers are, in my opinion, Breadberry and russian brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

I like music. Sometimes I'm hearing american and european pop-music, but most of all I like russian rock, especially "Nautilus Pompiloius".