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The homepage of Victor V. Korobitsin.

I'm Russian. I was born in Omsk in 1976. I'm a mathematician.
My research interest is concentrated in the mathematical modeling of society.
In 1993 I finished Omsk Mathematical school and entered Omsk State university on the mathematical faculty. On the second year I began research on the modeling of society.
The title of my term paper in the fourth year was "The Computer Simulation Of Ethnogenetic Processes". The mathematical model of ethnogenesis written by Dr. Alexander K. Guts. He is my scientific superviser.

The title of my graduation paper was "The Computer Simulation Of Biosphere Processes". In 1998 I defended my graduation paper.
Now I'm a graduate at Omsk State University on the chair of Mathematical Modeling.
The title of my dissertation is "Mathematical Modeling Of Biosphere And Ethnic System". It will be consisted of 3 chapters. The first chapter is devoted to Biosphere Modeling. The second is devoted to Ethnic Modeling. The third is devoted to description of software. The aim of my research is creating mathematical model of society.