Born in 1937 in Omsk. In 1960 finished the Krasnodar Art School. A participant of the 1-st Siberian graphics' seminar in Krasnoyarsk in 1962. He worked on the Chelyuskinskaya Art Cottage. Since 1964 - a member of the USSR Artists' League. In 1973 graduated from the department of graphicarts at the State Teacher's College of Omsk. In 1976 - a delegate of the  IV Russia Artists' Congress. In 1978 - a  a delegate of the  VI  Russia Artists' Congress and a delegate of VII  Artists' Congress of the USSR, a member of the board of the Russia Artists' League. An Honoured Artist of Russia.
1964 - the zone exhibition "The Socialist Siberia", Novosibirsk.
1965 - the II  Republican exhibition "The Soviet Russia", Moscow.
1966 - "The Far East and Siberian Artists", Tyumen.
1967 - the Zone exhibition "The Socialist Siberia", Omsk. The III  Republican exhibihion "The Soviet Russia", Moscow. The All-Union Jubilee exhibition "The 50-th anniversary of the Soviet Power", Moscow. The I  Republican exhibition "Young Russia Artists", Moscow.
1968 - the exhibition "Omsk Artists", Chernovtsi.
1969 - the group exhibition "Young Omsk Graphic Artists", Omsk, Tyumen. "Siberian Graphic arts", Moscow. The Zone exhibition "The Socialist Siberia", Krasnoyarsk.
1970 - the IV  Republican exhibition "The Soviet Russia", Moscow.
1971 - the artists of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East, Moscow.
1974 - the VII  International exhibition "Siberian Graphic Art", Amien, France. The I  All-Rassia print exhibition, Leningrad, Ufa.
1975 - the Zone exhibition "The Socialist Siberia", Tomsk, "Omsk Artists", Pest, Hungary. The V Republican exhibition "The Soviet Russia", Moscow.
1977 - the personal exhibition, Omsk.
1978 - the group exhibition "S. K. Belov, A. A. Chermoshentsev, F. D. Bugaenko", Moscow, Leningrad. The II All-Russia print exhibition, Rostov-on-Don, Leningrad, Moscow.
1979 - the Republican exhibition, "We are building BAM", Moscow. The group exhibition "S. Belov, A. Chermoshentsev, F. Bugaenko", Barnaul, Kemerovo.
1980 - the Zone exhibition "The socialist Siberia", Tomsk. The VI Republican exhibition "The Soviet Russia", Moscow.
1981 - the All-Russia exhibition "Through the Native Country", Moscow. The VI All- Union print exhibition, Moscow.
1984 - the Republican exhibition "russia Artists to BAM", Moscow.
1985 - the VII  Republican exhibition "The Soviet Russia", Moscow.
  His Pictures are in the museums of the country, in the Omsc Fine Arts Museum, in the Irkutsk Art Museum, in the Altai Fine Arts Museum (Barnaul), in the Kemerovo Gallery, in the Krasnodar Art Museum, in the Omsk State History and Literature Museum, in the Omsk Militia Museam, in Hungary (Pest).
  Some of the Them are in private collections France, Germany, Hungary, South Korea.
Triptych. Water colour, tempera, pastel on paper. 60x65.1991: "Spring". "Echo". "Siberian Madonna".