Vladimir Belov

Born in 1923 in Omsk. In 1941 finished the Tyumen infantry school. A participant of the Great Patriotic war. He was an infantry platoon  leader.
 Since 1943 he was teaching military training at Omsk school 31. Since 1967 - a member of the USSR Artists' League. From 1967 till 1974 he was
on the board in the Omsk organization of the Russia Artists'League.

A participant of exhibitions:
1956 - the exhibition of Siberian and Far East artists, Irkutsk.
1964 - the Zone exhibition "The Socialist Siberia", Novosibirsk.
1967 - the II Zone art exhibition "The Socialist Siberia", devoted to the 50-th anniversary of the Soviet power, Omsk.
1968 - the exhibition "Omsk Artists", the Ukraine, Chernovtsi.
1969 - the III Zone exhibition "The Socialist Siberia",  devoted to the 100-th Lenin's birthday anniversary, Krasnoyarsk.
1970 - the Republican exhibition "The Soviet Russia", Moscow.
1971 - the exhibition of three Zones "Artists of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East", Moscow.
1973 - the personal exhibition, Omsk.
1975 - the IV Zone exhibition "The Socialist Siberia", Tomsk. The V Republican exhibition "The Soviet Russia", Moscow.
The exhibition of  Omsk artists in Hungary. Budapest.
1977 - the Republican exhibition Omsk artists devoted to the Great October 60-th anniversary.
1979 - the Republican exhibition "we are Building BAM", Ulan-Ude, Leningrad.
1980 - the VI Republican exhibition "The Soviet Russia", Moscow. The V Zone exhibition "The Socialist Siberia", Barnaul.
1981 - the All-Union exhibition "Through the Native country", Moscow.
1982 - the Republican exhibition "Altai Cornfields", Moscow.
A number of artist's pictures is kept in the Omsk Fine Arts Musiam, in the private galleries of   Israel, Germany, Hungary, in the director
board of the Art Fund of  Russia.

The Irtysh. The beginning of Navigation. 1983.
Vyshny Volochek. Mist. 1986.