About me
Hi, my name is Natasha! I was born 19 december in Omsk.
And in 1994 graduated from school 64 with physics and mathematics direction.
And now I`m  study in Omsk State university on faculty of mathematics.
I`m specialized on Division of mathematical modelling.
My science supervisor is Simanchev Ruslan Yer`evich.
Now some words what I like and hate!
During studing in university I was  liked Tetris, hotdogs and kofe, which I buing in "Cest La Vie".
List of freinds
  • Makarova Olga
  • Ivanova Natasha
  • Zaslavsky Maks
  • Lendel Andrew


Omsk is one of the oldest Russian towns. Omsk is situated on the banks of the Irtysh and Om rivers. At the beginning of the XVIII century when Russian were starting to open up wide expanses of Siberia, a fortress was founded by a group of Russian soldiers and cossacks under the guidance of an officer Buchgolts. In spring 1716 they landed on the left bank of the Om river and build a wooden fortress there which was later renamed a town of Omsk. At the end of the XIXth century the Great Trans-Siberian Railway (the longest in the world) passed through Omsk. Omsk was a place of exile. Decembrists and revolutionaries were exiled by the tzarist government to Omsk. A great Russian writer Dostoevsky spent 4 years in the Omsk fortress.Omsk is a birthplace of a well-known painter Vrubel. Today Omsk is one of the largest industrial centres of the country. The population of Omsk is more that a million. The pride of our city is the first Oil Refinery, a giant of Siberian petrochemisrty, which was put into operation in 1965. So chemical industry is the leading branch of Omsk industry. Basides the chemical enterprises of our city include the Synthetic Rubber plant, the Tyre-making plant, the Smoke-Black plant and others. Omsk is also a large transport centre. Our riverport is the most famous on the Irtysh river. Omsk is a large cultural and educational centre of Siberia. There are all kinds of educational institution in Omsk. We have 9 institutes, 2 military schools, the Higher Militin Schools and the University founded in 1974. There are many technical schools, secondary educational establishments, a number of research institutes, libraries (the A.S.Pushkin Library is the biggest if them). There are also many clubs, palaces of culture and cinemas. We have 5 theatres: the Drama theatre, the Musical theatre, the Children's Theatre, Fifty Theatre and the Puppet theatre, which are greatly visited by our people and the guests of the city. A fine Concert Hall, an Organ Hall, a Circus, the Sports and Concert Palace are at our disposal. The Omsk Folk Choir (the Russian Ensemble) and the Omsk Symphony Orchestra are famous in the world. The Fine Arts Museum and other museum possess wide collections of exhibits and paintings. They are worth visiting. There are many places of interest in Omsk. There is the Memorial Square with the Eternal Flame in the centre of the city, a lot of monuments. Fine green parks and gardens with many beautiful flowers and different kinds of entertainments are greatly visited by people. There is a large green belt in the centre of the city on the right bank of the Irtysh river, named the Green Island.

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