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Hi! Here some stuff for cgb. All made by ago. Sources included.

Name Platform Description Party Date Rank

MARCBLA 3D /bin+src/
cgb demo-game (my first 3d engine, stretch, 256 flat textures, sprite-objects) As I know, it's first and lonely hi-color 3d engine for cgb. Sorry, I not made commercial game, half-year been late:( BUNG 4 amateur compo 8 jan 2001 3-rd
Realtime cgb demo LCP'2000 29 july 2000 winner
Dimension Of Miracles cgb 32kb GBDev'2000 28 august 2000 3-rd

PC Tools /all made using Delphi 3/:
When you looking into code, made by more clever persons, you can disassembly it into source code, using no$cash emulator. But sorry, this text will not good for including. Because here no loops, many useless data. Use No$2rgbd to correct disassembled files.

download exe as rar /98.440 bytes/
download src as ha /2.618 bytes/
This programm show all cgb pal. That have 32.768 colors. You can decompose any color into Red, Green, Blue components.

download exe as rar /113.846 bytes/
download src as ha /2.581 bytes/

mail to me for any comments.