Course Description

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This course is developed under support of the Central-European University (Budapest, Hungary), Course Development Competition-2000.

Course Goal

Computer Simulation is a tool for the complex system analysis based on syntheses of the computer model. The course goal is the demonstration of this tools advantage.

Main Idea

To say about two approaches for building of the social process models: local and global. On the local level we consider the behaviour of several individuals (the personalities) or groups. The general society dynamics is based on their local interactions. The research object is described by the object states that are possible for the object. Also we describe the internal and external influences on the object. Defining the interaction rules of two objects and the object with environment.

Under global approach we consider whole socium (ethnos, state, mankind) as one object. Studying the general structure, evolution dynamics and interaction of object subsystems. The global processes are the more durable then the local processes. The typical time of their evolution is the tens and hundreds of years.

The local level links with global one by the general features. The integral feature of the local object states defines the state of the global object.

Copyright © Victor V. Korobitsin & Julia V. Frolova, 2001.