Art and culture      

Art and culture


City Museum of Theatre Arts

Chamber Museum of the Second World War

Liberov Center, National Museum of Regional hudozhetsvenny

Omsk State Museum of Local History

Omsk State Literary Museum. Dostoyevsky

Omsk Museum Kondrati Belova

Omsk Museum of Education

Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts. MA Vrubel


Harlequin, Omsk State Puppet Theatre, actor, mask

The gallery, a drama theater

Lyceum Theatre Drama


make noise

Omsk State Drama Theatre

Fifth Omsk State Drama Theatre

Omsk State Music Theater

Studio L.Ermolaevoy, City Drama Theater

top theater

third round, a youth theater

Youth Theater, a theater for children and young people

Creative groups

Irtysh Dance Company

Stagecoach, pop ensemble

Freak-style55, show-studio

Fix, avant-garde theater and plastic fire

Studio of Oriental Dance "Eyshta"