Sporting events

Siberian International Marathon

Omsk Handicap Half Marathon

Cristmas Half Marathon

Tournament on mini-football for the prize of "OSHA" memory of the A.Vereteno

Russia competitions, jumping, "Omsk jumping"

Sports teams

Club Sport Leaque Rank
Avangard Ice hockey KHL 1 "Arena Omsk"
Omsk Hawks Ice hockey MHL youth "Arena Omsk"
Omichka Volleyball Super Leaque 1 "SKK V. Blinov"
Omichka-2 Volleyball Major leaque A 2 SK "Ermak"
Irtysh Football Second division 3 Field house "Red star"
Stadium "Red Star"
Oilman Basketball Super Leaque B 2 SK "Siberian oilman"
BK 17x16 Basketball Major leaque 3 Sports school number 9
SKIF Handball Major leaque 2 SK "Avangard"
Asgard Rugby Russian Championship rugby 2 SK "Shinnik"

Sports complex

Olimpic training center "Avangard";

Sports complex "Red star";

Stadium "Youth";

Stadium "Dynamo";

Sports complex "Siberian oilman";

Stadium "Iskra".

Ice palaces

Arena Omsk;

SKK V. Blinov;

Kids hockey center "Avangard";

Ice palace in them. Alexander Kozhevnikov;

Ice palace in them. Vyacheslav Fetisov;

Sports complex "Poplar".

Football stadium

Stadium "Red star";

Field House "Red star"

Stadium "Oilman";

Stadium "Shinnik".