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   Vladimir   Mikhailovich Semeniouk Russian was born in 1940.In 1969 he graduated from the Omsk medical institute.
From 1969 to 1971 he was doing clinical internship of dental orthopedics. In 1971 entered the post-graduate course of the Moscow medical stomatological institute which he finished having presented in May 1974 candidate thesis
Influence of age, teeth loss and metal dentures on microelement content in human mandible (M., 1974) .
 From July 1974 till March he worked as a lecturer of dental orthopedics department of the Omsk medical institute. 
 In September 1988 he presented Doctoral thesis Content and mineral saturation of human mandible dependance on age and condition of teth-jaw system (M., 1988).
  By the decision of VAK (Highest Attesting comission) of the USSR of 18 of November a Doctorate of Medicine was conferred on him. 
  In March 1989 he was elected the Professor of  dental orthopedics department of the Omsk state medical institute. 
 On May 18 1989 Vladimir Mikhailovich was elected the Head of dental ortopedics department of the Omsk state medical institute. 
  On October 25 1990 the Professorship of dental orthopedics was conferred on him. He provides wide and treatment assistance to Health Service, uses modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of dental diseases. For many years he has been in charge of doctors-interns of dental orthopedics in Omsk and Kurgan regions. 

Science works

 V.M.Semeniouk is the author and co-author of many works:

  • Atlas of rentgenograms of human mandible in age aspect; 
  • 3 textbooks for students (in French):  
    • Diseases of teeth and oral cavity; 
    • Orthodontics; 
    • Denturing of partial defects of teeth lines with removable dentures. 
  • 2 students books: 
    • Certificate of pracical qualification of stomatologic faculty graduates; 
    • 1 Guidebook for practical studies of the students of stomatologic faculty – Orthodontics. 
  • 26 letters and recomendations on methods: Immediate denturing after simultaneous resection of a big number of teeth; 
  • Ortopedic treatment of patients with single teeth on maxilla and mandible using telescopic crowns; 
  • Peculiarities of orthopedic treatment of patients with some chronic inflammatory processes of oral cavity mucosa; 
  • Modern aspects of diagnostics and treatment of paradont in dental orthopedics clinic; 
  • Clinical background and technological aspects of treatment of teeth lines defects with cast bridge-shaped dentures; 
  • Sanation of oral cavity (special measures) from the dental orthopedics point of view etc. 


  •   V.M.Semeniouk is the author 2 inventions and 6 patents:
    • Device for the production of bone tissue sections with implanted material;
    • Method for producing hystological preparations with implanted material; 
    • Method of producing material for bone implant;
    • Dental implant;
    • Method of production bridgeshaped dentures;
    • Method of determining cadaver age;
    • Method of determining lifetime condition of teeth-jaw system in criminal detection science;
    • Device for determining pain sensitivity of oral cavity mucosa.
  • 40 rationalization proposals;
  • 4 information letters and 124 articles: 
    • Accurate model – accurate denture;
    • Modern technologies for producing working models for fixed and removable structures;
    • Bone tissue reaction on implants insertion under diabettes mellitus;
    • Treatment of patients with diabettes mellitus using implants made from porous titanium nickelid;
    • Restoration of alveolar extension by apatite vollatonite ceramics;
    • Mathematical basis of the use of stump supplement with “collar” under decay of roots below gum level;
    • Teeth dentures on implants from porous titanium nickelid under diabettes mellitus;
    • Method of preparation of tooth root stump decayed below gum level up to ¼ of length for cast stump pin supplement with collar etc. 


 Under supervision of V.M.Semeniouk:

  • Doctor of Medicine:
    • M.A.Zvigincev “Stomatologic rehabilitation of patients with diabettes mellitus. Omsk, 1998; 
    • S.I.Starosvetskiy “New technologies of restoration of teeth lines defects with the use of superelastic materials and ceramics” Omsk, 1998 
  •  Candidate thesises: 
    • Y.L. Pisarevskiy Mineral component of jaw bones after resection of teeth and immediate treatment by bridge dentures” Omsk, 1992; 
    • V.V.Zobnin “Paradont and mineral component condition of jaw bones after teeth resection and orthopedic treatment by bridgeshaped dentures” Omsk, 1993;
    • A.P.Cheremshenko “Processes of free radical oxidation in experiment and in people with intolerance to metal dentures”Omsk, 1994; 
    • M.I.Miskevich “Influence of different conditions of teeth-jaw system on nonorganic matrix and microsolidity of elements of temporo-mandibular joint” Omsk, 1995; 
    • T.N.Kapotina “Biological and mathematical background of the use of teeth roots decayed below the gum level in clinical dentistry” Omsk, 1996; 
    • A.V.Napreeva “Denture influence on organs and tissues of the organism” Omsk, 1996; 
    • V.V.Namhanov “Condition of elements of temporo-mandibular joint in children during the period of occlusion formation” Omsk, 1996; 
    • A.V.Efimenko “Clinical background and technological aspects of teeth line defects treatment by cast fixed bridgeshaped dentures” Omsk, 1998; 
    • I.V.Struev “Changes in organs and tissues of teeth-jaw system after polytrauma and during rehabilitation period. Ways of profilaxis” Omsk, 1998. 

The main trends of research

 The main trends in ProfessorV.M.Semeniouk’s research are:

  • studies of the character of damage of teeth-jaw system under the influence of different enviromental factors; 
  • development of profilactic measures and treatment of pathologic conditions of organs and tissues of oral cavity; 
  • influence of denture materials on organs and tissues of the organism.
 V.M.Semeniouk is:
  • a member of examination commission, 
  • member of the Stomatologic Faculty Council, member of the dissertation Council of the Omsk and Novosibirsk medical academies, 
  • expert approving publicatons sent to specialized journals, 
  • member of the Editorial Board of scientific-practical journal “Problems of neurostomatology and stomatology. 
 V.M.Semeniouk twice represented domestic stomatology abroad working in Burundy Republic (1977-1980) and in Laos (1984-1987). 
 V.M.Semeniouk has been awarded the sign of “Inventor of the USSR”. For his achievements in the sphere of medicine he was included into Encyclopedia of the Russian Academy of Sciences: “Contemporary intellectual potential of Russia”. M., 1997, p.74. 

Associate Professor of the dental orthopedics department of the Omsk state medical academy Candidate of Medicine, Professor of the Academy of Natural Sciences K.K.Yakovlev Address 644099 Omsk-99 Volochayevskaya str, 21-A, Municipal dental clinic