Вячеслав Викторович Двораковский

The mayor of Omsk - Vyacheslav Dvorakovskiy

Vyacheslav Dvorakovskiy was born August 14, 1949 in Cherlak Omsk region. In 1966 he graduated from high school number 1.

Until May 1968 mastered specialty workers at the Tomsk Electromechanical Plant named Vakhrusheva, from where he was drafted into the Soviet army.

In 1978 he graduated from the Siberian Automobile and Road Institute. Since 1974 he worked in the regional student squad: Chief of Staff, Commissioner, then - the commander.

In 1978 he was appointed chief engineer of the trust "Omskagropromspetsmontazh." In the years 1978-1988 - Instructor of the Omsk Regional Party Committee.

In 1988 he was appointed Deputy Director of Construction Sibzavod them. Revolution Fighters, from February 1991 - Chief Engineer Research and production firm "Mostovik».

elected a deputy of the Omsk City Council in 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2007, respectively.

16 March 2012 elected chairman of the Omsk City Council.

Elected Mayor of the city of Omsk in early elections June 17, 2012.