The Theoretical physics department was founded in the OmSU in 1978. It provides education in the theoretical physics, mathematical methods of theoretical physics, programming and computer modelling. Since 1981 students of the department are able to specialize in theoretical physics. Many of the department's graduates were successfully complete post-graduate studies and defend Ph.D. thesises. Some of our graduates work in universities and research institutes in Omsk, St. Petersburg and other cities and also abroad. In 1989 The Scientific Council of the OmSU ratified new specialization under a title "Physical computer science". A student, who mastered this specialization, can manage ordinary methods of theoretical physics and also methods of solving any physical problem using modern mathematics modelling of physical systems with help of power computers. In nowadays the department of theoretical physics provide for following specializations: the theory of phase transitions and critical phenomena, quantum solid state physics, theoretical nuclear physics, physical computer science, mathematical physics. The special courses that are being read by the department's lecturers allows the students to master fundamental education and a good foundation for scientific career.

Department's post-graduate studies: theoretical physics, condensed state physics, physics of a nucleus and elementary parti˝les. See also: Post-graduate students, and Dissertation Council.

In 1999 the new speciality "Applied Mathematics and Physics" was founded.

Division of Theoretical Physics.