Nadezhda A. Semikolenova

Professor, D.Sci. in Physicis & Mathematics

Born March 12, 1938. In 1983 she finished juridical faculty of Irkutsk State University.

Semikolenova N.A. is a leading specialist in the field of physicists of semiconductor material. Semikolenova N.. took a direct participation in creation and development of scholastic and scientific directions of chair of physicis of hard solid.

N.. Semikolenova develops the new direction of studies: functional order study of crystalline biological systems.

Semikolenova N.. published more than 140 works. She is a member of the author's group of monograph "Systems of particular warm-up spots hard solid" ("Science", Moscow, 1986), a number of thematic collections and collections of methodical allowances on the physicst and optometrics of semiconductors (1980-1998). Under its managament where defended 5 Ph.D.'s thesises.
Since 1992 she is a member of American physical society (APS).

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