Igor V. Shirokov

Professor, D.Sci. in Physics & Mmthematics
Chairman of physical department

Graduate from physical faculty of Omsk State University in 1985 . In 1990 he was post-graduate of Tomsk State University and has protected the Ph.D.'s thesis. Since 1990 works in OmSU. In 1994 he protected the D.of Science thesis "Algebraic problems of theory of symmetry and methods of integrate field equations" on professions "Theoretical physics".

The Area of scientific interests is theory of symmetry and group analysis of equations quantum mechanical engineers and theories of field, groups Lee, methods of integrate classical and quantum hamilton systems, method of geometric slicing and harmonic analysis on uniform spaces.

The most important publications:

  • Bagrov V.G.,Shapovalov A.V.,Shirokov I.V. A new metod of exact solution generation for the one-dimensional Schrodinger equation // Phys.Lett. a.-1990.- V.147.7-P.348-350.

  • Shapovalov A.V.,Shirokov I.V. Functional Algebras and Dimensional Reduction in the LPDEs Integration Problem // Jornal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics-1997.-V.4.-P.62-68.



Chair of general physics
Department of Physics
Omsk State University,
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA