Nick V. Blinov - Associate Professor of Physics

Omsk State University

M.Sc., Omsk State University, Physics, June 1982
Ph.D. (Cand. Sci.), Tomsk State University, Theoretical Physics, November 1992

Research Interest:

Selected publications:

  1. D.V. Kulginov and N.V. Blinov, "Semiclassical Theory of Atom-Crystal Scattering Diffraction and Interaction with Phonons", Surf.Sci. 313, 120 (1994).
  2. K.N. Yugay, N.V. Blinov and I.V. Shirokov, "Asymptotic states in long Josephson junctions in an external magnetic field", Phys.Rev. B 49, No.17, 12036 (1994)
  3. N.V. Blinov and D.V. Kulginov, "Analytic Models of Single-Phonon Atom-Surface Diffractive Scattering", Tech. Phys. 40, No.12, 1254 (1995).
  4. K.N. Yugay, N.V. Blinov and I.V. Shirokov, "Effect of memory and dynamical chaos in long Josephson junctions", Phys.Rev. B 51, No.18, 12737 (1995).
  5. I.V. Shirokov and N.V. Blinov, "A Superconvergent Perturbation Theory in Quantum Mechanics", ZETF 80, No.3, 380 (1995).


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