russian / ðóññêèé

                          Alexander S. Sychev
      Philology,associate professor.

  It's important dates of my biography:

  The date of birth: 17.04.1937

   The place of birth: in the village Homutovka of Kursk region.

In 1954 I entered to Moskow State University of M.Lomonosov. In 1954 I graduated from University. In this time I'm Philology and associate professor.

I have some articles. The some of this are:

1. About problems of study language of local newspaper.//1965

2. About some signs of speeches stamps.// 1970

3. Metaphors in newspaper.// The questions of linguistics// Tomsk, 1977.

4. Original functions of words in newspaper.-Tomsk, 1980.

5. Some style nuancies of function of language means in newspaper.-Omsk, 1998.

I attend to investigation of peculiarities of function of language means in publicistic speeches.

                         If  you  share my hobbies and works and would like to talk to me please send to address:

                                                  Dr. Alexander S. Sychev

                                                         Chair of Russian Literature of XX century and Journalistias,

                                                         Department of Philology, .Omsk State University,

                                                         644077, Omsk , Russia.

                                                                                                                (c) 1998