Sergey N. Povartsov
Ph.D.in Philology, associate professor
It's important dates of my biography:

The date of birth: 21.07.44.

The place of birth: Omsk .

In 1965 I entered to Omsk Pedogogical University. I graduated from University in 1965 . In the same year I entered to the postgraduate corse. And finished it since 3 year ago. In this time I'm Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor.

I have about 6 articles in the popular magazins. They are:

1. Trajectory of fall// D.Mereshkovsky-critic// The questions of literarure //1986. #11.

2. Over the river Tishina// The young years of Martinov// Omsk. 1988.

3. The people of different dreams // The questions of literarure//1988. #6.

4. 100 perls//Russian woman's lirics of 20 century// Omsk. 1989.

5. The reason of death is shooting// Terra//Moskow. 1996.

6. The vacancy of poet// The son of Hiperborea// Omsk 1997.

In the moment I write the artical about Pushkin's traditions in Russian poetry of "Silver century" and the book about D.Balmont. Besides I'm theatre critic and interested in Omsk district. I'm very fond of russian literature and fotos.

If you share my hobbies and works and would like to talk to me please send to address:

Dr. Sergey N. Povartsov

Chair of Russian Literature of XX century and Journalistias,

Department of Philology, .Omsk State University,

644077, Omsk , Russia.

(c) 1998