Olga A. Kutmina

    Ph.D. in  Philology, associate  professor.

  It's important dates of my biography:

  The date of birth: 20.10.54.

   The place of birth: in the village Bolshereche of Omsk region.

In 1972 I entered to State University of Ural.In 1977 I graduated from University.In this time I'm Ph.D.in Philology , associate professor in Omsk State University.

I have some articles.They are:

1. Russian world in morden prose//Human.Culture.Word//Omsk.1994.

2. The subject of dictator in Y.Triphonov's criativ work//Author.Society.Power.//Omsk.1995.

3. The fields of memory//The son of Hiperborea//Omsk.1997.

At the moment I study the A.Bitov's criativ work and works of russian emigrants.

                         If  you  share my hobbies and works and would like to talk to me please send to address:

                                             Dr. Olga A. Kutmina

                                                         Chair of Russian Literature of XX century and Journalistias,

                                                         Department of Philology, .Omsk State University,

                                                         644077, Omsk , Russia.

                                                                                                                (c) 1998