Tatyana N. Khamaganova
Ph. D. in Pedagogy, professor.

      In 1979 she graduated East-Siberian State Institute of Culture and obtained a speciality "Library-knowledge and Bibliology". From 1983 to 1985 she had postgraduate studies at Leningrad State Institute of Culture. In January, 1986 she protected the dissertation on topic "Modern bibliographic literature". In 1995 Tatyana N. Khamaganova was embezzled a degree of professor on the division of library-knowledge and bibliography.
      Since 1979 Tatyana N. Khamaganova works as an instructor at East-Siberian State Institute of Culture and at Omsk branch of Altai State Institute of Culture and Arts. For several years she was a dean of division of library-knowledge, in 1997 and 1998 she was a director of Omsk branch of ASICA.
      Scientific interests: development of the libraries as the information centers. Tatyana N. Khamaganova took part in several international forums and has published a number of scientific works. Some of them are:


Chair of Bibliography
Department of Phylology
Omsk State University
644077 Omsk, Russia