Valeryi A.Shaptsev

Birthday 16.09.1940

 Graduate of Tomsk State University in 1963. Profession: Radio physics, Electronics. Qualification: Radio physics. Ph.D. in Mathematics&Physics, 1977. D.Sci. in Technics, 1990. Full professor, 1992.

Director of Institute of Information Technologies&Applied Mathematics.

Academic rank:


Theme of D.Science dissertation :

Models, Metods and Tools for researeh Radiochennels by computers.

Theme of Ph.D.'s dissertation :

Research of HF chennelstatistical characteristics and them influence on the bynary signaly reception guolity.


Selected publications:


Division of the Software


Department of Mathematics, 
Omsk State University, 
Pr. Mira, 55-A,
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA