Sergey A.Terentjev 

Head of the Chair

Ph.D. in Mathematics, associate professor

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    Was born in a 1949. In a 1966 has entered on geological faculty of Novosibirsk State University, which  has completed. Then there were my scientific interests (to a word to tell, they were not changed till today) - numerical methods in electroinvestigation.
      In a 1971 has entered in graduate school of Institute of Geology and Geophysicses. My scientific chiefs were the doctor of engineering science .. Kaufman and doctor of physical and mathematical sciences L. Tabarovsky.
      In a 1972 I have protected a thesis on a speciality geophysics. A point title I do not remember, yes it and is not important work was about the numerical methods in electroinvestigation. The guard of work passed before the Incorporated scientific council (I do not guarantee, that this point title).
      Now I work in Omsk State University. As to my daggings, I can not tell, that is brightly expressed. 
      As to the text, which you just have read: I do not love to litter information space, creation such pages not approved. Simply one student should offset receive. After deriving offset I advise to erase this.