Vladimir V. Servah

Ph.D. in Mathematics, associate professor

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   Was born in a 1955 in a village Krasnootiabrsky Sokulski region of area of Kirghizia. In a 1972 entered on mechanical-mathematical faculty of Novosibirsk State University, has ended university in a 1977. The scientific chief - expert in the field of an operations research Eduard H.Gimadi.
   Up to 1980г. (On distribution) worked in Siberian Energy Institute(Irkutsk), attended to a solution defferent of applied problems. 

   In 1980 The beginnings to work in Omsk a Complex Department of Institute of Mathematics. My scientific interests: a theory of combinatios, scheduling theory, theory of complexity, modelling.
  In 1989 In Institute of Mathematics  (Novosibirsk) has protected a thesis on the subject of " Polynomial and pseudo-polynomial problems in theory of time-tables ".
  From 1982 teaching at Omsk State University.
  Some words about my daggings: I love to cook good coffee, to dig on a summer residence and to listen to good music.

  • e-mail:    servah@iitam.omsk.net.ru
  • math faculty, Omsk State University, Mira st.,55A, Omsk, 644077, Russia
  • phone: 8(3812) 236739 факс: 8(3812) 234584