Employee of pulpit

     Zinaida V. Semyenova

      In 1990 has protected a candidate's thesis on professions 13.00.02-a strategy of teaching an informatics on the subject: "Activation of cognitive activity teach on lessons of informatics when using a computer"

     With 1994 work as a scientific secretary of union of thesises. To 064.36.04. Advice takes to thesis protection on professions 13.00.02-a theory and strategy of educating mathematician(is expect opening of profession on the strategy of educating informatics).

     I Direct Graduate students and cosearchers.

     In 1995 was protection to thesises an L.G.Kuznrysova   to subjects: "Increasing of efficiency of process of educating mathematician in mathematical classes on the base of use ΘΟΡ", scientific coleader which I'm.

                          Area of scientific interests:

  1. I like a nature;
  2. go for mushrooms;
  3. driving a car.