Alexander Mihailovich
  Dr. Semenov is the Associate Professor of the Omsk State University.

A.M. Semenov graduated from the Mechanics-Mathematical Department of the Moscov State University in 1981.

His basic scientific interests are concentrated on garmonic analysis, complex analysis and homogeneous spaces.
Main publications:
  1. Holomorphic extension from speres in C^n
// Siberian math. J., 30, 3(1989), p.124-130.
2. Agranovsky M. L. and Semenov A. M.. Boundary analog of the Hartogs theorem.
// Siberian math. J., 32, 1(1991), p.137-139.
3. Agranovsky M. L. and Semenov A. M.. Deformations of balls in Schiffer`s conjecture for Riemannian symmetric spaces.
// Israel J. Math., 95(1996), p.43-59.

Semenov was born in 05/12/1958.
Hobby: badminton.


Chair of Mathematical Analysis
Department of Mathematics
Omsk State University
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA