Alexander N. Kostukov

Alexander Kostukov in 1984 has finished the law school OmSU with difference (the profession right, specialization "State management and right"). The graduate school ST.PET. has finished In 1988 on professions "State right and management, administrative right, financial right and municipal right". At january 1989 has protected кандитатскую thesis "Legal status of executive". Since february 1989 works in OmSU. At present - managing pulpit

The Area of scientific interests - municipal legal ensuring the local home rule. The Author 2-х federal laws: in 1991 law about local management РСФСР, in 1995 -"About the general principles of governing the organization of local home rule РФ". Publications -more than 35 printed work and more than 40 projects of normative acts, is at present taken on federal ,omsk, local management

Except work OmSU- leader of consulting advice of legislation Omsk area. The Member of expert advice at governor Omsk area. President of auditor company "Standart-Audit"


Костюков Александр Николаевич
644077, Россия, г. Омск,
пр. Мира, д. 55-а,
Омский государственный университет,
Юридический факультет,
Кафедра государственного и муниципиального права.